About Me

I'm a very Mysterious person, I don't like to show my face or my name to the world. On the internet, I prefer to go by the Alias: Alipoodle. I know Visual Basic and C# well, mainly as these are both .net languages. I was taught VB in Year 10 and 11 in my Secondary School and then went on to self-learn C# because of the similarities between the 2 languages as well as C# being more widely used within programs nowadays.
I also have good knowledge within CSS, HTML and JS, however these are more for the tweaking of things. If there's a website, and there's something wrong with how it looks, I will generally change it to look to what I feel is nicer. One of the great examples of this is the GPMDP Midnight Accent, which is a CSS file for Google Play Music Desktop player which gives the user a splash of colour. You can find more about it below!


Gaming, I’ve always enjoy the playing of games, it’s something satisficing of playing as another character and getting to do things that you would never have could do!
Music, I enjoy music a so much that I started learning the drums in around 2010, and in more recent years have started to do a bit of recording of Covers to songs on my Drum kit.
DIY, I've always loved a little bit of DIY. It’s more been the idea of getting to make something with the small bits and bobs you have, to create something helpful or cool!


Well you’re looking at it. This is Alipoodle.me, and a lot of it has been made by me. Note the github page is private cause it's messy and you shouldn't be trying to steal my website :)

ShadeBot Bot for Discord
This is a bot for Discord made in JavaScript, that will allow you to have a room where a user should agree to the rules of a server by sending a specific word / phase. Then the bot will check if the user has a profile picture or not. If they do, then they are given a role and welcome them in a chosen room. If not, they will be send a private message. This bot has been made very simple by using a large number of variables making it easy for someone to change this up for any server!

Circle People Website
Circle People are a small group of people who create YouTube videos of some of the top plays of the game osu! As of Novemeber 2017 they had been given some hosting for their website, and I had made a Consept design which many had enjoyed. It has closely matched by an existing Wordpress theme. To this day I still help them with the website, improving user's pages or help fixing their skins page where you can download themes for the game.

osu! Info
This is a program for Windows that shows you information about your osu account in a nice clean Material design. This shows some of your general information about your account such as the number of As, Ss, SSs Ranks you have and PP, Top 5 plays and Recent Plays both. The program is very customizable and allows for Dark / Light themes and a choice of Accent colour (Made with GreenTurtwig ).

GPMDP Rainmeter Player
This is a Skin for Rainmeter, a background customizer, that will show you information about the current song you are listening to on Google Play Music Desktop Player. There's various variables used in it for easy change of look.

GPMDP Midnight Accent
This is a CSS File that can be added to Google Play Music Desktop Player that allows you to use the dark theme but still have the top bar, border and a few other things themed to the colour of your accent colour, similar to how it is on the Light theme. I'm always keeping this up-to date and adding other small little features like inverting the default album art colour. This theme is based off Play Midnight an extension for Chrome!

BetterDiscord Dark Matter Update
This is an updated version of the theme Dark Matter by cosmicsalad for an extension of the Discord App called BetterDiscord. This themes the new settings and a few other random things that were missed out in the main theme. There’s also an additional theme for adding Material Icons to the settings menu and a few other chat things like edit. I will continue to do updates for this as the main developer seems to have given up on it.


I'm a Moderator for the CeleHentai Discord and Steam Group since November 11th 2016. The ShadeBot / Welcoming Bot was originally made for this server however since then it has been made into a more open source bot that other servers can use! I still to this day am updating / hosting this bot

I was a Moderator for Area 11 Subreddit and Moderator for the Subreddit's Discord from September 19th 2016 to April 14th 2017. I had made a bot for this server, with avinch a fellow Mod on the Subreddit, for general Role providing and message checking made in C#, however due to hosting issues was quickly shutdown!